Monday, February 14, 2011

Perez Made Strides In Winter Ball?

Adam Rubin of ESPN spoke to former Mets minor league catcher and current bullpen catcher Rafael Arroyo over the phone in reference to the time he spent with him this winter. Arroyo, who by Perez's request came with him to the Mexican winter league, caught throwing sessions and provided feedback on the struggling lefty's pitches, and according to his interview with Rubin, said Ollie's strength and velocity had returned and that his pitches overall were better. Really? Stats, please. (Click graph for larger image.)

If this is a great stride, I'll be back in a minute; I'm going out to my garage to find my glove. Yes, these numbers are slightly better than his regular season numbers, which makes sense, because during the season he is facing Major League ballplayers. Arroyo is his friend and colleague, and it wouldn't be reasonable to expect him to say Perez was awful. However, having these numbers described as an improvement is nothing but mindless optimism. The only comfort Mets fans should take from this is that its not personal, and Ollie can pitch badly in any uniform. He's in camp, and there isn't any harm in giving him one last look, but barring something remarkable I don't see how he can make the team.

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