Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sandy Comments On Jose Reyes...Again

For the second time in a week, Mets GM Sandy Alderson addressed the future of Jose Reyes in one fashion or another. On Tuesday night while at a charity event, he claimed that stolen bases are "only a footnote" in terms of wins or losses. In doing so, he minimized one of the most valuable things Jose Reyes brings to the team, his speed.  An odd step to take for a GM who may be force to trade Reyes in the coming months due to the Wilpon's financial restrictions.

Now, Alderson has been quoted by Steve Popper of the Bergen Record as saying:

"Considering what he’ll probably command in the marketplace, it makes good sense to see him play a time or two before we make decisions," Alderson said. "I know that puts us at risk. As things are delayed, you never know what might happen. … He’s a big part of our team. What we need in the future [is] lots of Jose Reyeses if we want to be a good team."
This really isn't a deviation from the stance the team had previously taken on Reyes. As I've also mentioned previously, its a hard stance to argue with. If he remains healthy and has a productive season, Reyes will most likely command more than $100 million in his new contract. That is a TON of money to commit to any player whose biggest talent is due to his legs, which will certainly deteriorate with age.  If he doesn't remain healthy, Alderson & Co. would be criticized greatly for prematurely issuing such a contract to an injury plagued player.

The Mets are content to roll the dice with Reyes this season.  He has said he would like to remain in Queens, but there will be no contract discussions during the season, as Jose wants to concentrate on baseball.  Therefore unless he is traded at the deadline, there will be some tense moments next winter as free agency looms.

My feelings remain the same.  If Reyes has a good year, I see no way the team can part with him.  He means too much to the line up, and the fan base, to allow him to go elsewhere.  What do you think?  Vote in our poll, as this happens to be our exact topic this weekend.

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