Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bizarre Feeling At Citi Field Last Night

These are photos that I took during the Bottom half of the 1st inning during last nights game from my season tickets in Sec 511 of the Promenade Level. I was baffled by how little amount of people there were in the stands. Granted, the game was played in terrible conditions that only crazy fans would sit through (such as myself). However, I remember going to games in similar weather conditions back in 1993 when the Mets lost over 100 games, and even then there were more fans in attendance than there was last night. The ballpark was so empty that I could actually here the chatter coming from the Nats' dugout all the way up in Sec 511. I have attended over 1000 Major League Baseball games in my life and I have never been to a more bizarre game.