Thursday, May 19, 2011

Davis recovery slow...

Photo by Michael baron

Ike Davis may not be ready to come off the disable list when he's eligible on the 21st.  On what didn't appear to be a very violent collision, Wright and Davis bumped while attempting to field a pop-up.  The result was a bruised bone and sprained ankle for Davis.  The hope was that as soon as the swelling was gone Davis would be back to running and ready to return as soon as possible.  However, in a up date he is still only exercising in a pool and his return could take longer then expected.

Though Mets general manager, John Ricco, was quoted saying that Davis would likely be out at least two weeks, and hopefully not longer, that sounds optimistic… as in very. Bone contusions, or bruises, can take six weeks to heal, particularly those that are severe. Fortunately, Davis’ contusion sounds like it is more on the mild side. source WFAN