Friday, May 27, 2011

Gary Carter's Tumors Likely Malignant

The New York Daily News reports that Gary Carter's doctors are "90% certain" that the tumors found in his brain are malignant. The news comes only a week after news broke that Carter had 4 tumors in his brain.

I'm not going to sit and pretend that I know Gary or even that I've seen him play. At 18 years old I was born only a year after he ended his career as a Montreal Expo. At my age most people feel invincible, like they have the world of their shoulders and barely wince when told of alarming statistics about the dangers of the world. Hearing news about a Mets hero brings one down to reality fast.

Several years ago I went to a Long Island Ducks baseball game when Carter was managing. The Ducks has packed the stadium and on the warm August night it was a treat to see Carter sign autographs before the game for anyone who asked. He seemed happy in the dugout as the team went on to a victory. Although his stint as their manager was brief, he made a good impression on the club.

The clip is timeless: Carter leaping valiantly into Jesse Orosco's arms as the Met storm the field, having won their first championship in 17 years. From the cheeky endorsements he fulfilled to his contributions, Carter is a Mets icon.

Brain tumor awareness night has been plugged on Mets Fever for several months now on the right hand side of the page. We wish Gary Carter the absolute best in this difficult time.