Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I just don't think Fred's comments are that big a deal

This isn't a post to support Fred Wilpon in any manner, as far as I'm concerned I'd like to see if new ownership could bring winning back to the Mets.  The Wilpon's have had their opportunity and since they have been sole owners, they have been a lesson in futility.  If Fred has felt the team was "snake bitten" since 2006 then why hasn't he done something about it, because since that very promising season four years ago there have only been tweak and fill-hole type of changes. 

But this post is in regard to all the hand wringing that has gone on about Fred's comments about his players, quite frankly I just don't get it; what's the big deal...

First of all, I try to equate things to how they apply to my own life.  My real profession is a young mans job but I don't feel I've lost much if any off my A game, my boss who was once my partner walks passed me at least once a day saying I'm getting old and soft.  I don't run in a corner and cry or go out looking for a new job, if anything it fires me up to prove him wrong.  All this worry about how it will effect the relationships with the three players indicated seems overly analytical and presents them as over sensitive, weak minded individuals.  If I'm Wright, Reyes or Beltran I'm going to try to shove those words up Fred's arse in preformance and make him pay with his wallet because he'll be desperate to keep my productive tush. 

Let's face it, those three players fates with the Mets were probably sealed way before Fred ever agreed to the interview, with Wright being the only one really having a chance of staying but what did Fred really say.  Nothing more then any of us have said when frustrated over the performance of the club, what was his sin saying it on the record.   Most of us would agree with Fred's point of view to some degree; we want to keep Reyes but not at Crawford money, Beltran's contract at times has been disappointing and Wright's best years came with Delgado and Beltran hot in the line-up. 

As far as if it will impact whether any of these players return, just like with any player, these comments will not impact them in the least, this will come down to the money.  If Reyes can't find a team to pay Crawford money does anyone really think he'll scoff at a four year deal from the Mets because of this; NO.  If the Mets are the highest bidder for any player will he not come here because Fred may hurt his feelings in the paper; NO. 

So is the issue that he said it publicly, aren't we the group of fans who were hoping that Mark Cuban purchased part of the team because he's such a fan type owner.  You don't think if Cuban owned the team he would have these type of fan oriented comments and isn't this the same fan base who have idolized how George Steinbrenner ran a team as a passionate owner. 

I just think this much to do about nothing and will have little impact, if any; as with any business this comes down to money both with the Wilpon's keeping or selling the team and players coming or going...