Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mets Youngsters Save The Day.. Again

As illustrated by the tweet of Newsday's David Lennon, the team the Mets sent on to the field last night was not one of experience or depth. It certainly wasn't one of wealth, as it was pointed out during the game that the Mets fielded five players making less than $500k this year. Meanwhile, the Yankees lineup was one well versed in winning, championships and cashing big paychecks.

The game in and of itself features a snapshot of where the Mets are right now. Due to injuries and in some cases under performance, the Mets now boast this gritty group of young players who doesn't seem to be awestruck by big situations. Last night, as its been all week, it was Justin Turner with the big hit to tie the game. Then it was Daniel Murphy who would land the fatal blow when he took advantage of Yankee Stadium's short porch in right.

For everything they're not, this group of players as it stands right now, features two perennial all-stars in Reyes and Beltran surrounded by a supporting cast that just goes out and does their job. When the lineup as a whole is intact, they seem as if they're pressing and trying to do too much, but now it appears that they've settled in to the type of 'small ball' mentality needed to eek out tight games.

This mentality, when combined with solid pitching performances, which the Mets have gotten as of late, is a recipe for wins. While I eagerly anticipate the return of Ike Davis and David Wright, and fully believe that Angel Pagan is an improvement over Jason Pridie, it certainly is fun getting a chance to remember that baseball can be won in a variety of different ways.

As I mentioned yesterday, if the 2011 Mets are going to make any noise this season, they owe it to the play of their minor league call-ups who have more than delivered in the absence of the team's stars. Baseball, at least for the time being, is fun again in Flushing and it makes me wonder what could be in the cards as the summer progresses.

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