Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Notes from Last Night's Game

-Chris Capuano pitched a gem, despite coming out on the short side. Not that moral victories exist in professional sports, but to have him step up and give that kind of performance the day its announced Chris Young could miss the rest of the season was a little relieving.

-I know Sandy Alderson and this regime value the on-base percentage very highly, but Josh Thole needs to swing the bat hitting in the eight slot. Hoping that Capuano, or any pitcher, is going to capitalize on run scoring opportunities is a recipe for failure.

-The offense looked anemic, but I guess you figured that out when you looked at the box score. Teams don't ever look great scoring one run, but the Mets looked fortunate to eke that one run out.

-90 foot base paths, Willie Harris was out by ten feet. Willie, you got your first hit since, I dunno, tax day, and you got it on a check swing. For a second, while you were the one who breathed life back into the game, I didn't despise you. You ruined it. Don't worry though, Terry said he thought you got a good jump...

-Carlos Beltran is running well, for what that's worth. Going first to third on a single, he showed good speed and his typically good base-running instinct.