Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pagan should return Friday

Photo by Michael Baron
Barring a set back, which has to be said in the case of any Met returning from an injury but especially Pagan who was a rehab game away from returning, center fielder Angel Pagan is scheduled to return on Friday. 

Not sure how much of a boost Pagan will provide, prior to the injury he was mired in a season long slump that saw his batting average at .159 and it seemed to be affecting his defense as he missed several balls normally he would have gotten caught. 

On the other hand the Mets haven't gotten much production out of the position since Pagan's departure, Pridie had some initial success but has cooled off and Hairston/Harris still aren't doing much. 

"He should be with us on Friday assuming nothing else happens," general manager Sandy Alderson said. source