Monday, May 9, 2011

The problem with Hu's spot is it would be Tejada to replace...

Photo by Michael Baron
After watching Hu once again flounder at the plate this weekend, I found myself questioning why he's still on the roster. 

Is it that they gave up Michael Antonini for Hu, the 26 y/o lefty is still in AA with a 3.31 ERA in six starts and a 2-4 record. I don't think Antonini is a valuable enough piece at this point in his career to impact the roster decisions of the player they received in return.

If they feel they haven't given him a big enough window, that seems to be a product of his performance. Hu has looked so bad that it seems like Collins is reluctant and I don't blame him. 

I believe that Hu's spot on the roster is two fold, they want a player who can fill in at short stop and it doesn't seem like their confident in Turner doing so.  Aside from not having a back-up SS beyond Hu they seem satisfied with Turner/Murphy at 2B. 

Even if they felt Turner could fill-in at short, they don't need another outfielder on the roster, they already have two under preforming ( Harris/Hariston).  If anything they need to cut one of the veterans and bring up Captain Kirk. 

They could go with three catchers (recall Nickeas) which would allow them to use Ronny Paulino as a pinch hitter but must be reluctant to do that since Paulino been back long enough to show he's hitting while Hu continues to struggle. 

I think the real problem with sending out Hu is that the only player who makes sense to take his place is Ruben Tejada.  Now Tejada is having a great season in Buffalo, hitting .283 with a .348 OBP.  With Murphy/Turner making the grade at 2B I can't see them bringing up Tejada to ride the bench and therefore Hu is here with a .056 BA...