Thursday, May 5, 2011

Should Pelfrey be pitching for his spot

Photo by Michael Baron
In reading Adam Rubin's article about Dillon Gee's time on the major league roster waning I was left thinking if it should be Mike Pelfrey being reassigned.  Gee's done everything asked of him and unlike Pelfrey done it effectively.  The reason he could be sent down would be to keep his stamina as a starter in the event one is needed.  In many fans opinions a starter maybe already needed due to Mike Pelfrey's ineffectiveness. 

For those of you who preach patience, I hear ya; I'm not suggesting this I'm simply posing the question.  But I also understand those who are frustrated with Pelfrey and have run out of patience. 

It's not about Mike Pelfrey's six starts this season in which he's 1-3 with a 7.39 ERA and only one would be considered a quality start ( six innings/ three earned runs), anyone would agree that making a decision based on six starts would be a rash decision.  But the 27 y/o former first round pick in 2005 has not lived up to expectations and looks to be regressing. 

This is Pelfrey's fourth full season in the majors, with two partial seasons prior to that and many of the concerns we had years ago are still there today.  It's the mental aspect of Pelfrey's game that drives Mets fans crazy and limits him from reaching his potential.  Pelf still fails to make adjustments in game and wilts under the pressure of situations. 

Overall 119 starts he has a disappointing 4.43 ERA with it ballooning to over 7 this season.  More importantly if the pitch Pelfrey game planed to used isn't working he will be slow to adjust and flustered by the change.  And any pressure situation is more then likely going to have a negative impact on his performance. 

There's no question Pelfrey has better physical ability then Gee, however; scouting reports are about potential and box scores are a product of results, right now Gee has the better results then Pelfrey and that's all that counts...

I think we’re going to need more starting pitching. So we’re in constant discussion when we need to make sure Dillon Gee is reaching the point where, ‘Hey, look, we’ve got to keep him ready to start in case we need a starter.’ That’s a daily conversation.” source ESPN NY