Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update on krod situation...

Photo by Michael Baron
Francisco Rodriguez needs to finish 55 games for a 17M vesting option to kick in for 2012, it appears that Krod will easily make that milestone.  The Mets got Krod on the cheap for the first two years of his deal and the bloated option was really a pay back for the initial discount.  But in the Mets current financial situation it's that option that makes him a potential trade candidate and it's what makes him less appealing to interested teams. 

I still say Krod is a young, elite closer who likes playing in the large market and the team should explore working out an extension that would dissipate some of that financial burden for next season.  Afterall; we don't have a closer waiting in the wings or Izzy wouldn't be our 38 y/o reclamation project set-up man.  

Krod has said he would consider waiving his option and his limited no trade clause for a multi-year extension with the right team but ultimately he would like to stay with the Mets...

The Mets’ closer last night said he would consider waiving his vesting option for next season and limited no-trade clause if an interested team is willing to give him a new multiyear deal. source NY Post

"I would like to stay here," K-Rod said after the Mets' 7-4 rain-shortened win against the Cubs. "Sometimes people think I just want to jump to another ship. In this case, it's not. I'd rather stay here all the way. And if not [just] this year, hopefully the door is open to one more year, or two more years. But definitely it's not on my mind to leave."source ESPN NY