Monday, May 9, 2011

Was Chris Young worth it...

Photo by Michael Baron

Chris Young has been placed on the disable list for the second time and the season is barely a month old.  I've heard several negative comments about the Young signing; same ole Mets signing, waste of time and they should have seen this coming. 

Set aside our opinions on the off-season approach, if we accept the fact that they were only spending what they spent, then even if Young never pitches again this season I still think it was a good signing.

At 1.1M for a year, Young was worth the risk compared to what was available  and he has come as advertised. When he's healthy he was a significant upgrade over what was available at the same price. 

In four starts he has a 1.88 ERA, the Mets could have gotten several other retreads at about the same price who were less of an injury risk but would have produced much more mediocre results.  I think Chris Capuano is exactly that, he pitched half a season last year so he's less of a risk and his results are more back-end of the rotation type numbers. 

Young was more shooting for the stars with very little risk, I think what is making his injury a concern for fans is how inconsistent Mike Pelfrey has been, if Pelfrey was pitching up to his potential then Young would have been more like found money.  Nice when you have it, easy to spend and quickly dismissed when gone...