Saturday, May 28, 2011

We lost two great Mets fans this week...

I did not know either individual personally but I did know them as fellow Mets fans and am saddened by the news that they have passed.  Dana Brand and Paul Kuznetz both passed away over the last few days.  As many of you know prior to starting this blog I was a member of several message board sites and while this site takes up much of my on-line time these days, I still check in from time to time with the boards to see what's going on with my old friends.

I met both Dana and Paul through message boards and found them to be kind, thoughtful and passionate fans. 

Dana published some of the best work I've ever read on the Mets and whenever I saw a post or that he was going to be on a podcast I would make it a point to read/listen. Dana had just blogged about Mr.Wilpon and the Mets at his site, Dana Brand's Mets Fan Blog, just the other day.  I only knew of Dana from a few exchanges in message boards, Greg Prince of Fear and Faith in Flushing has an incredible piece on him that's a must read and Happy Recap has a tribute thread running. 

I didn't even know Paul's real name or what his life was all about, and we hadn't spoken in sometime but I considered him part of my on-line Mets family.  To me he was UA and we had begun to talk through IM's about two years ago.  UA was one of the regular posters at NYFS, his full screen name was uapeople which is where we met.  For a while we spoke often about the Mets, I knew he had some physical issues but never pried and he seemed content to talk sports. When my schedule changed drastically last summer we lost touch, ironically I recently saw his screen name on my AOL friends lists and almost sent him a "Hi" but decided to respect his privacy ( I wish I had).  Alan Hahn of Newsday wrote this article on Paul, filling us in on his life, accomplishments and struggles.  NYFS is running a tribute thread.

I am deeply saddened by their passing and send my sincerest condolences to their family. Rest in Peace...