Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wheels Coming Off

This Met team is growing difficult to watch. Daniel Murphy is one of my favorite players, when he's coming off of the bench, not as a starter, and I didn't know who Justin Turner was until he was the best player on our team. Ike Davis is hurt for fifteen days, then maybe a couple more, and then, hopefully, we'll see him after the All-Star Break. Resident non-superstar David Wright has a broken back, and will be back sometime soon... or not. Jose Reyes has been the lone bright spot this season, and everything he does is shaded by the gray cloud of trade prospects that is looming around him. Even R.A. Dickey, who was poised to continue his run as folk hero, is struggiling badly.

I'm not trying to be negative, I just can't find a reason to be positive. Jason Bay, a signing I was still excited about coming into this season, looks like one more in a string of horrendous busts. Johan throwing off slanted dirt instead of level dirt is the best news I've heard in a couple weeks, and there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of this tunnel. The season, which for a while seemed to be teetering back and forth between bad and respectable, is coming apart. Any discussions about how close the Mets needed to be to avoid a fire sale are about to become moot.

I guess I didn't have a master plan when I started writing this. Its frustrating, trying to figure out which of our good, young players I'd rather see leave while I watch some quality players waste a few years in their prime. There's nothing good about this season right now. Turner aside, no young player is excelling enough to create a buzz or excite me. I get home and flip the game on or tune it in while I'm at work, but its stressful, not relaxing. So much uncertainty, and no good baseball to distract me from it.

Could somebody please help me out with a silver lining?