Monday, May 9, 2011

Young Re-Injures Shoulder, to Miss Significant Time

Chris Young has re-torn the anterior capsule in his right shoulder, basically a recurrence of the injury he had last year. He has two basic choices going forward: a conservative rehab and rest schedule, or surgery. Either results in his missing significant time, while surgery could potentially keep him out the rest of the season.

Young made only four starts this year.

Earlier, Ed discussed the signing of Chris Young and whether or not it had been worth it. Hindsight being what it is, its extremely easy for me to say no. However, I understand the high upside his signing had, and his 1.88 ERA points to Sandy Alderson at least having the right idea when he signed him. General managers have no crystal ball, and there was no way for Alderson to know Young wouldn't make it that far into the season. He made a low risk/high potential reward decision, and it bit him.

What this situation does bring to light is the Mets relative depth at starting pitching. With Dillon Gee, 2-0, assuming Young's role in the rotation, the club has called up Pat Misch, who is also capable of filling in for a spot start. Despite losing Jenrry Mejia and still waiting on ace Johan Santana to return, the team is trotting out a rotation that, while in desperate need of somebody to step forward and take the helm, can probably keep this team around .500. Obviously, playing even ball is not the team's goal, but given the injuries theu have sustained, it might prove to be its own accomplishment.