Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is Bay playing hurt ?

Photo by Michael Baron
Not one for conspiracy theories, basically if the player repeatedly says he's healthy then I take him at face value.  If Bay is hurt and attempting to play through it for whatever reason, then he's basically committing career suicide because right now he looks either washed up or mentally weak. 

Of course, I'm reminded that John Maine swore he was healthy despite his struggles which lead to his eventual surgery, Delgado hid his wrist injuries even in the face of washed up tags and Braden Looper was the goat of the 2005 season before admitting, after leaving he was pitching with an arm injury. 

Because I've never seen a player nose dive to the degree that Bay has, I'm left wondering if there's more going on then this just being in his head. 

Even Alomar held at a .266 BA while Carlos Baerga hit .268 respectively with the Mets and those two were always the bench mark of flop free agents in Flushing. 

Bay's Mets BA is .245 a little more then 30 points below his career average and his .208 this season makes the other two serviceable offensive players.  So the guy who was described as a professional hitter, with the cool demeanor that couldn't be rattled in the large market is either suddenly finished or needs to be Pelfrey's roommate. 

Just maybe there's more to this then that, I admit that I might be grasping and reading between the lines too much but it seems likes there are starting to be hints to something more...

To be just three games under .500 with all that's gone on is in many ways a tremendous feat. The hiring seemed like a reach considering Collins was run out of jobs with the Astros and Angels -- not to mention being run out of Japan, too. Overzealous in his previous stops with a tendency to annoy his own players, he appears to have returned from his 12-year absence in a major league dugout a somewhat more discreet manager. The Mets never had the pitching to contend this year, but he's also dealt with some very debilitating injuries, to Johan Santana, David Wright, Ike Davis, Chris Young, Angel Pagan and Jason Bay, among others. Very nice work so far. source 

"As soon as I showed up at the ballpark today, I was slapped in the face with Howard Johnson telling us we should play him and not bench him," Collins said. "I don't really call it a benching. I would call it more of a time off kind of thing. The other thing, and I think the world of Howard Johnson, but he hasn't got all the facts. So he should be careful what he actually says when he doesn't have all the facts." source ESPN NY