Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jason Bay Is Awful, Its Our Fault

Two winters ago, I argued to my brother that the signing of Jason Bay would be a good one. I look pretty stupid, no? With a gaudy .247 batting average since he became a Met, Bay has been a pretty big bust. At least the Mets have only invested... wait, how much? Oh.

Bay is one of the anchors that could keep this team from being able to retain Wright and Reyes, and I plead guilty for demanding the team sign him. Or Holliday. Or anybody for that matter, I'm just impatient as hell and want them to sign a good player every offseason. And I am the problem.

That's right folks, its all my fault. Oh, and yours too. And the newspapers'. And the blogs, and the fanmail, and the chants from the fans in the stadium. We all do it, at least we all did it. It seems now we've seen the error of our ways, and I know that I have. So many fans spent so many offseasons asking Minaya and Phillips and whoevertheheck was before him to patch the hole and make the quick fix with the offseason signing that they did. They always did, and then they typically paid that person 3-4 years past their effective career. And then, when we paid somebody well past their prime, I complained. But I've grown out of that stage. So have you.

That's right, we've grown up. We're mature, patient fans. We understand that some problems take more than one season to work through, and we'll wait a little bit. I mean, not forever, but we'll give Sandy some time. We hope that the front office knows more about baseball than we do, and we trust them...

As long as they can find a way to keep Wright and Reyes. And Ike. And I like Murphy too. Oh, and Justin Turner has been awesome! And Angel Pagan will come around, I'm sure. And Dillon Gee has been solid, so you know, keep him. Oh, and Pedro Beato is... ah, crap. Never mind. We're Mets fans, we have opinions, and we want answers. Don't Trade Reyes!