Thursday, June 30, 2011

Price Continues To Rise On Reyes

As the Mets' season progresses, so too does the career year of Jose Reyes. Furthermore, as Reyes continues to hit, steal and defend with the best in baseball, his stock continues to rise. As a result, so does his price! Yesterday, SI's Jon Heyman wrote that he had polled a handful of baseball agents and executives to get an idea of what the consensus was on Reyes' payday this winter. Here is what he came up with:

Agent No. 1: $140 million, 7 years
Agent No. 2: $120 million, 6 years
Executive No. 1: $150 million, 7 years
Executive No. 2: $75 million, five years
Heyman's prediction: $142 million, 7 years.

While I'm not sure if those numbers narrow things down any, as these predictions range from five to seven years and from $75 to $150 million, one thing is for certain..Jose Reyes is going to get PAID this winter.

On June 11th, I wrote HERE that I thought the Mets would be able to retain Reyes for a reasonable contract guaranteed five years for $90-$100 with an option for a sixth year that would bring the total value of the deal north of $100 for sure. However, Reyes' play over the latter half of this month has convinced me that those numbers will never be enough to keep him here.

Photo Courtesy Of Michel Baron
In a turn of events that will make Fred Wilpon eat his words, there will be a franchise that will offer Reyes "Carl Crawford money". I think the interesting thing will be where it comes from. By all accounts including his own words, Jose Reyes would prefer to stay in the city he has public professed his love for. As a result, would Reyes be willing to uproot his family and move them to a place like Milwaukee or San Francisco for a few million more?

I say a few million more because I fully expect the Mets to offer Reyes a legitimate contract. If I had to guess, Sandy will offer something in the six year, $110-$120 million range with an option of some sort for the seventh year that will have the total value of the deal approach those famed "Crawford" numbers. I believe the Mets can afford that contract, but I also believe the Mets will be hoping for a hometown discount though, and will approach the negotiations as such.

Whether or not such a discount is on the table remains to be seen, but if Jose would be willing to sign for that type of deal I would do it in a heartbeat. What do you think? Do you think Reyes is worth that much money? Would you pay Reyes $20 million annually to keep him in town, or would you start looking for the next once in a life time player who can do just about anything at will on a baseball diamond?

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