Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reyes May Leave, But He Won't Be Traded

...At least I don't think they will! While major NY media continues to spew its Reyes propaganda to the point of almost helping him pack his bags, we've heard two rumors of late:

1) The Mets would have the be blow away by an offer to move Jose at the deadline.
2) The Mets plan to offer Jose a contract during this upcoming offseason.

I said months ago that I can't fathom how the Mets front office would trade Jose Reyes, and I'm sticking to that. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that Reyes will be in Queens next season either.

Photo Courtesy Of Michael Baron
Through several accounts, Jose Reyes would prefer to stay with the Mets organization going forward. However, he is well within his right to expect proper compensation for what he is capable of, which this season means being one of the best players in baseball.

Do I think Reyes is going to play at this high level for the rest of his career, no. Do I think Reyes will never be injured again, absolutely not! However with that said, Jose Reyes is still probably a $100 million dollar player.

If I go with my guy, my guess is that the only way Reyes leaves the organization, is if the Mets horribly low-ball him with their first offer. My worst nightmare would be Sandy Alderson opening the negotiations in the neighborhood of 4 yrs/$50 million. In that case, neither the length of the contract of the money involved will be adequate. Such an offer could anger the speedster into testing the market, at which point someone will certainly overpay for his services.

I don't expect Jose to demand a $140+ million dollar contract. I just don't see that in his makeup. So again going with my gut, if Reyes is to stay with the Mets I expect him to sign a five year contract in the $90-$100 million range. I would also anticipate that contract to have some sort of extension for a sixth year, which if exercised would push the value of the deal well in excess of $100 million.

Jose Reyes is a special ball player, but also a different kind of ball player. Even after the comments of Fred Wilpon, I believe he will put baseball before his bank account to stay here. I just hope the Mets attempts at 'business' don't get in the way...

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