Friday, June 24, 2011

Should the Mets bring up a DH - go with one less reliever

The Mets will play the next six games in Amercan League parks which means they will be playing with a DH.  That will force them to play with one less bench player and put a struggling hitter in the line-up.  The best offensive line-up would probably be to use both catchers, with one at the DH and the other behind the plate, but that risks forcing them to use an emergency catcher and I'm not sure who that is since Hu went down.  Tejada is hitting just over .200 in the last ten games, Scott Hairston seems the most likely DH due to his power potential but is only hitting .258 on the season and both Pridie/Harris are hitting below .240. Using Pridie, Tejada or Harris in the starting line-up removes a defensive replacement late in a close AL game. 

So for the next two series should the Mets play with one less reliever and bring up a potential power bat to DH ?

They could call up hot hitting 3B Zach Lutz ( .318) let him start at 3B, move Turner to 2B and Murphy to 1B with Duda to DH.   Or journeyman catcher Salomon Manriquez ( BA .306) let Thole catch, Paulino DH and Manriguez is your back-up catcher and late inning pinch hitter.  Finally they could bring up 1B/DH Valentino Pascucci with his 9 HRs, 16 doubles and 46 RBIs, Val has always been seen as a DH so bring him up to do so. 

It would cost us D.J. Carrasco or Manny Acosta, both are pretty far down the depth chart and are being used mostly in mop-up duty or to give others a rest in lopsided wins.  Acosta with his 7.94 ERA as a one inning ROOGY would be my pick, between Krod, Izzy, Parnell and Beato his innings can easily be covered.  Carrasco going multiple innings gives him a leg up on Acosta despite his 5.94 ERA, you send him down again and Beato is the long-man. 

In the end if it was my roster I would send down Acosta and recall Lutz, unless my pen got over used I would keep this roster configuration through inter-league play and then when the ten day window was up recall Acosta if he was still with the team ( waivers or FA).  If I needed a reliever earlier or Acosta left, you still have Iggy, O'Connor, Thayer and De La Torre to pick from....