Thursday, June 2, 2011

Would you swap bad contracts - Figgins for Bay

Photo by Michael Baron
I know there are some who feel that you shouldn't replace one headache with someone Else's, after all; the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

First let me start by saying that I don't believe that everyone fits, in every situation and that just because someone was successful in one place, doesn't necessarily mean they will be successful everywhere.  Whether it's the chemistry of the team, the ballpark, a players mentality or the atmosphere of the city ( to name a few main reasons) sometimes it just doesn't work and just because the player was successful or maybe successful with their next team, it might not be a reflection on the current team. 

I screamed for the team to trade Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo back when they had some value even if it meant taking someone Else's headache in return.  Many said to wait until the contracts were small enough to be absorbed, keep the headache you know over the headache you don't.

I would disagree by saying that you know you aren't getting production from the player you have but just as a change of scenery might help the player you have, it might also help the player you receive.  I would rather take a risk and try something new, then to stick with something I know is failing. 

Which brings me to Jason Bay; lets face it this isn't working, teams already felt we over paid and now he's completely de-valued, so the only way you move him is for another bad contract.

So as to give credit where it's do SNY Loudmouths suggested this idea but since I'm for change of scenery type trades I thought it was worth looking at and passing along. 

What about the idea of trading Jason Bay for Chone Figgins. 

Bay was rookie of the year, silver slugger and three time All-star with a lifetime .277 BA and a .503 Slg but with the Mets he's a .255 hitter and .382 slugger.  According to Cots contracts this is how Bay's contract reads, I'm sure the no trade clause wouldn't be a problem.

4 years/$66M (2010-13), plus 2014 option
$8.5M signing bonus
10:$6.5M, 11:$16M 12:$16M, 13:$16M, 14:$17M club option ($3M buyout)
2014 option guaranteed with 600 PAs in 2013 or 500 PAs in both 2012, 2013
full no-trade clause

It's my understanding that Figgins has been as much a disappointment in Seattle as Bay has been in NY.  Now the money isn't even close so the Mets would either be throwing in players or the Mets would be throwing in some money.  But rem. Seattle may see him as a bounce back candidate, there were plenty of rumors about Bay to the Mariners when he was a free agent, it seemed like a natural fit for the Canadian native.

 In Figgins first 8 seasons with the Angels his numbers were: BA .291 / OBP .363 / Slg. .388/ OPS .751.  But with the Mariners his numbers have significantly declined; BA .242 / OBP .315 / Slg. .294/ OPS .609.  Just as Bay might be appealing to the Mariners, Figgins speed, gap hitting and versatility might look good in Citi Field.  Here's a look at Figgins contract to compare to Bay's again from Cots Contracts

4 years/$36M (2010-13), plus 2014 option
$2M signing bonus
10:$8M, 11:$9M, 12:$9M, 13:$8M, 14:$9M vesting option
2014 option guaranteed with 600 PAs in 2013