Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wright's Return Won't Save Mets' Season

As the Mets continue to struggle with mediocrity and the trade deadline looms, it is becoming apparent that if this group is going to contend for a playoff spot or even keep things interesting this summer, they're going to need help.  However, with the Wilpon's uncertain finances and Sandy Alderson's noted past, it seems unlikely that the front office will be in a position to add a significant piece come the end of July via trade.  As a result, the Mets may have to look for answers from within.

With so many core elements residing on the disabled list, a moral boost might now be hard to find, however if this team is going to excel this season, it would only seem necessary that the return of David Wright be a key contributor.  With news that he has begun limited baseball activities, one might assume that such an addition would be a vast improvement... but I beg to differ.

David Wright's absence has been filled by the likes of Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy.  Although some may argue beginner's luck, Turner and Murphy has performed admirable when called upon. Unlike Wright, they have not fallen victim to the strike out as frequently and as a result, provide this Mets roster with more productive outs then they're assumed captain.  Granted Wright was off to a poor start this season, but in addition to batting average, they also boast slightly higher on-base percentages and the ability to work counts the way Wright could prior to losing his way at the plate several years ago.

Furthermore, while Wright may be the undisputed leader of the team, his potential influence may have plummeted with the rise of Jose Reyes' this season.  Reyes, who has always had his teammate's attention, has recaptured the hearts of the fan base in a way neither he or David did in the past.  For the first time, at least from the fan base's standpoint, it is Wright who is seemingly expendable at the expense of another player's good fortune.

In reality, Its crazy to think that the addition of David Wright, a perennial all-star, wouldn't return immediate dividends.  Lets face it,  Wright boasts level of power that the team undoubtedly lacks at this time, but at what cost does that power come?

Whether it be the repeated strike outs, the lack of productive plate appearances, or the overall stale feeling that Wright seems to boast now, his eventual return no longer seems as though it will immediately change the direction of this team.  Will is spark excitement, absolutely.  Might the team initially react in a positive way, you bet.  However in a long run, I'm not so sure that his addition to this roster at this point in the season will yield the increasingly positive results many fans anticipate.  David has not been replaced, but its been proven this season that until his plate approach is corrected, he's not the valuable commodity he once was.

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