Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 Trade Chips On The Mets

With the Mets fading fast out of Wild Card contention, it seems more than likely that they will be sellers during this year’s non-waiver trade deadline which is only 12 days away. That being said let’s take a look at the potential trade candidates on the current Mets roster.

Carlos Beltran - Beltran is by far the best overall position player on the trade market and it seems inevitable that the Mets will move him prior to July 31. It has been reported by multiple sources that the Mets are willing to pay some or all of Beltran’s salary in order to gain top prospects in return. This makes Beltran’s market even larger as small market teams such as the Indians and Pirates can now get involved in the bidding. However, the question remains whether or not teams will be willing to part with top prospects for a 2 month rental.

Prediction: Despite reports of their unwillingness to part with top prospects, I feel Carlos Beltran winds up with the San Francisco Giants.

Chris Capuano – Capuano is a name that not many people are talking about. Coming into the season, many thought Sandy Alderson’s signing of Capuano was too much of a gamble. However, Capuano has proved his critics wrong by pitching very well (8-9, 4.16), keeping the Mets in nearly every game he starts. I find it hard to believe that contending teams would not be interested in a reliable left handed starter. I don’t expect him to net the Mets top prospects; however, I do feel that Sandy Alderson could get something of value in return. I would not be surprised to see his name mentioned more as we draw closer to the trade deadline.

Prediction: Despite being a solid option for other clubs, I expect Capuano to stay with the Mets through the remainder of the year.

Tim Byrdak – All that needs to be said is left-handed relief pitcher. There are not many around and they are always something teams are looking for around the deadline. Byrdak has been very serviceable thus far in 2011, and effective VS left-handed hitters, holding them to a .241 average against.

Prediction: I expect Byrdak to be moved, as far as where, there too many possibilities to really predict.

Jason Isringhausen – Izzy has enjoyed a resurrection with the Mets. He has been very effective out of the pen, pitching to a 3.03 ERA. With his past experience as a successful closer in the majors, he would definitely be a valuable commodity to other ball clubs. However, Izzy has expressed to Sandy Alderson and Mets ownership that he would like to stay in NY, as he is comfortable and feels that he has come full circle.

Prediction: Despite having the ability to help other clubs, I expect the Mets to honor his wish and keep Izzy in New York.

Mike Pelfrey - Mike Pelfrey is one of the most frustrating players the Mets have had in a long time. He has so much talent and a dominating repertoire; however, he can’t seem to figure it out. He has started to gain the reputation as a player who can’t put it together between his ears. It has been well publicized that he sees a sports psychologist, something that might scare other clubs away. However, big Pelf is still only 27 years old and teams would be crazy not to be interested in a kid with some much talent. Whether the Mets have grown tired of him remains to be seen, but I would imagine that Sandy Alderson would not be shy of listening to offers.

Prediction: I do expect the Mets to dangle him to other clubs. However, I feel his value is too low currently and I expect the Mets to retain him.