Friday, July 29, 2011

All Is Wright In David's World

Courtesy of Michael Baron
After a 67 day layoff due to a stress fracture in his lower back, David Wright's return to the Mets' lineup was long overdue. With the departure of Carlos Beltran in the not so distant future, a seemingly slender David Wright returned on July 22nd and hasn't looked back since.

In his seven games since rejoining the team, a stretch in which the Mets have gone 5-2, Wright has hit a surprising .454. Furthermore, he has seen his power return, striking for three doubles and two home runs, in route to a .727 slugging percentage. The production numbers have been equally jaw dropping, as Wright has nine runs scored and has driven in twelve over that same time period.

Has the David Wright of old returned? While the sample size is too small to know for sure, Wright is striking out nearly half as frequently as he did prior to his injury and driving the ball to the opposite field with regularity. This mix has allowed him to pull his batting average up a full 42 points in only a week's time.

On the flip side of things, although David has shown some rust in the field with three errors in only seven games, he seems no worse for wear. There seems to be no limitations with regards to flexibility or speed, as displayed on Wednesday night when he fielded a slow grounder down the third base side and made a twisting throw to first for the put out.

Ultimately, this scrappy group has kept the season alive in Wright's absence and could greatly use his help down the stretch if they're going to keep things interesting. Fortunately, it appears that David is up for the task. Whether his decreased bulk has increased his bat speed, or he was able to refine his approach while rehabbing, he has returned with the abilities the Mets and their fans have sorely missed. If he is able to sustain his recent success, it will go along way to ease the loss of Carlos Beltran, and even futher to endearing himself to fans once again.

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