Friday, July 22, 2011

Beltran Open To Resigning With Mets

Courtesy of Michael Baron
According to David Walstein of the New York Times, there are at least two sources who have confirmed that Scott Boras has informed the Mets that Carlos Beltran would consider resigning the the Mets this winter. This is without a doubt an interesting turn of a events and one which, quite frankly, I never envisioned.

The Mets have to trade Beltran regardless of what his future plans entail. If the team is not capable of winning now, they must acquire the resources to compete in the future. Trading Beltran will allow them to address those needs. The interesting thing here is that, depending upon where Beltran lands and what the Mets get in return, could undoubtedly influence the Mets interest in Beltran going forward.

For instance, if the Mets were to trade Beltran to Philadelphia in exchange for Dom Brown, there simply wouldn't be a need to resign Carlos as a free agent this winter. The acquisition of Brown would provide the Mets with a long term answer in right field. Bringing Beltran back in that situation would only retard Brown's progress and ultimately hurt the team's long term plans.

However, if the mets were to trade Beltran to Atlanta, in exchange for Mike Minor.. well that changes things. If the Mets do chose to go the pitching route, which they probably should, then they will lack the aforementioned long term option in right field. Fernando Martinez has never proven the ability to stay healthy and I'm sorry but I just don't see Lucas Duda's sub-par defense getting it done out there for the foreseeable future.

If thats the case, then it would make sense for the Mets to consider bringing Beltran back under a reasonable contract. I originally thought he was destined for the American League where he would likely obtain a longer deal due to the DH. However, if he is looking to stay in the National League and willing to come back to Queens on a one year deal with, say maybe a performance based option for a second, I think the team should consider it.

This is just one of a thousand things to be considered by Sandy Alderson and the rest of the Mets front office as they decide how to address the teams needs. But it nice to know that the option is there, if they're willing to risk it.

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