Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Breaking: Francisco Rodriguez Traded to Brewers

Photo Courtesy of Michael Baron
Shortly following the completion of the All-Star Game last night, the Mets announced that they have traded closer, Francisco Rodriguez, to the Milwaukee Brewers. The deal reportedly has the Mets shipping Krod and $5 million to the Brew Crew for two players to be named later. Those prospects will come off of a pre-approved list which the Mets will be given time to evaluate.

Sandy Alderson released the following statement

We thank Frankie for his contributions to the Mets and wish him well with the Brewers,” Sandy Alderson said in a press release, which was sent out at 12:05 am. “This trade allows us to develop and more fully utilize other members of our 2011 bullpen and offers some payroll relief as well.
It should be noted that the Brewers essentially gutted their farm system this past off season through the acquisition of Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke. Therefore it is unlikely that the Mets will receive any mind blowing prospects in the deal, making this more or less a salary dump for next season.

This completes the only roster move I was 100% sure of coming into the season. Krod, who still may be one of the most effected closers in baseball, has struggled at times over the years as it would appear that he is in his decline. Furthermore, the Mets simply cannot risk the $17.5 million dollar option that would vest should Krod complete 55 games, which he was well on his way to do.

That is no longer their problem! This should free up additional funds for this upcoming offseason as the Mets will need every time they can muster if they plan to make a legitimate run at resigning Jose Reyes. No confirmation on who will assume the closer role for the team just yet, but it is generally believed it will be either Bobby Parnell or Jason Isringhausen.