Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brewers system not that depleted...

I've heard many say that we won't be getting much back from the Brewers in return for Krod because their system is already depleted from the Shaun Marcum and Zach Greinke trades. 

That this is simply a salary dump by Sandy Alderson, however; the Mets are paying 60% of his remaining salary so that's not much relief in my book. At 11.5M (2011 salary) divided into 12months is 96k, with five months left that's 4.8M and then there's a 3.5M buyout if the option isn't met. So the Mets are paying 5M of his remaining 8.3M and giving the Brewers an extra 3 weeks to use him. 

To me that sounds like the Mets front office is either paying for a better prospect list or the Mets like the Brewers system better then someone Else's, unless you believe the conspiracy theories that the Wilpon's were keeping him away from the Bronx ( which doesn't fit Alderson's mold). 

If you look at the Brewers top prospect list from August of 2010 it's true that several of their top prospect's are gone ( I'm using Jon Sickel's from Minor Leagus ball's list). 

#1 prospect Brett Lawrie was traded for Shaun Marcum
#2 Alcides Escobar, #7 Jake Odorizzi, #13 Lorenzo Cain and Jeremy Jeffress ( Jeffress left off prospect list due to drug problem) were all traded for Greinke and Yuniesky Betancourt. 

According to Sickels in Jan. 2011 after the deals the Brewers were left with seven B- prospects 1-7(top two were borderline B), how does that compare to the Mets list; we have one B+ (Flores), two B ( Mejia/Harvey) and four B- players. 

So the Brewers system isn't completely devastated, in fact; despite the trades it's just slightly behind the Mets who are considered middle of the pack.  I think trading Krod this early and throwing in 5M is an indication that the Mets front office is looking for prospects and I can't see us getting back a Chris Carter ( Boston not Oakland) type player...