Friday, July 29, 2011

Collins Continues To Push The Right Buttons

Courtesy of Michael Baron
First the team stumbled to a 5-13 record out of the gate. Then it lost its starting first baseman, Ike Davis, for what appears to be the rest of the year. Just a week later it would be perennial all star, David Wright, who would go down for more than two months. To round out the group, team spark plug Jose Reyes would spend a few weeks on the disabled list in July. Finally, as if that wasn't enough to deal with, Sandy Alderson recently traded away the highest paid position player in team history, Carlos Beltran. Oh, and lets not forget that Terry Collins has also been without team ace, Johan Santana, since taking the job.

Thats a lot to deal with for any manager, but Terry Collins has maintained the team's course and they continue to win in spite of these difficulties. Plugging in different players, moving them around and basically putting them in positions where they can succeed, Collins has managed to extract every last ounce of effort from a variety of players who were never expected to sniff the Major League level this season.

Collins has also excelled in preemptive strikes against his ball club. As recently as this week, Collins informed his players that should they feel sorry for themselves and struggle as a result of Carlos Beltran's departure, they will not be here. Earlier this year when the team was struggling, he took the media and threatened to basically blow up the roster in order to find more wins out of his team.

While Collins approach may be at times unorthodox, he keeps winning, and that's really all that matters. On Thursday he was quoted in the New York Daily News as saying, "We're drained...I'm telling you, these guys are playing on nothing but game adrenaline. They're wiped out physically, they're wiped out mentally. This has been a long week for us."

A ploy in the face of a potential let down? Maybe, but winning heals all wounds and this team is no exception. The Mets and their skipper have won more games this season that anyone expected in the face of such adversity. There is no reason to think this most recent brush should be any different. Collins has kept his troops in line, made sure they understand exactly whats at stake and most of all, he's winning. There is little else any fan can ask for...

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