Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More thoughts on Krod trade...

Photo by Michael Baron
Despite all the nail biting and agata he caused Krod was a good player, on the field for the Mets. While most will remember him for his domestic incident in the clubhouse, which I agree should not go unforgotten; not only did he harm his girlfriend's father in front of other players' families but also injured himself in the process, still as a player his numbers were solid. 

Francisco Rodriguez was a Met for 2 1/2 seasons during which time the 29 y/o right hander converted 83 of 98 ( 15 blown saves) save opportunities with a 3.05 ERA, while striking out 186 in 168 innings but walked 75. 

He signed a three year contract at a reasonable price, for an elite closer at that time worth 33.5M ( 2M signing bonus, 8.5M, 11.5M, 11.5M) but was compensated with an incentive laden final year at 17M.  The idea at the time was that if he earned the option he would prove his health and his performance would justify compensating for the contract he never received. 

However, during the life of the contract the closers market collapsed to the point where unless your name was Mariano a 17M contract looks ridiculous, couple that with the fact that the Mets have financial concerns and Krod was destine to be traded. 

The 2012 17M option has three stipulations: 1) 100 GF between 10-11 he currently has 95. 2) 55 GF in 2011 he currently has 34 and 3) team doctors deem him healthy.  Unless demoted Krod would have achieved all of those stipulations and there was no justification to demote him, the only thing that could be done was to trade him to a team that would use him as a set-up man. 

I have to wonder if Krod signing with Scott Boras last week had anything to do with the speed with which this trade was consummated. The Mets are still in the wild card race and there is no clear cut closer behind him, with Boras in the picture there was no chance of working something out with the option. 

Funny thing is, if Boras being in the picture had anything to do with this trade ( I mean timing not that he was traded) he just got his newest client demoted and sent to a small market ( rem. when Frankie signed he wanted a large market).  Still Krod will now be setting up in an NL central pennant race which I guess is better then chasing a wild card from 7 games out. 

For the Mets they are relieved from the burden of that 17M option and I have to hope the 2 prospects they get back will be decent since the Brewers got him so early and received approx. 5M in return. 

Lets not forget how important the closers role is, rem. in 2008 when Billy Wagner went down and  a solid bullpen completely collapse as several in-house options failed with waiver claim Luis Ayala becoming the best option.  Now the Mets will look to see if Bobby Parnell or Pedro Beato can handle the pressure or if Jason Isringhausen can return to the form he once had...