Monday, July 25, 2011

Only moving Beltran is the wrong approach

So reports indicate that the Mets may only trade Carlos Beltran, maybe Tim Byrdak could go as well but that's about it.  The belief is that the front office is attempting to avoid the appearance of a fire sale, despite not being a playoff team the Mets have outplayed many fans expectations which has produced some good will towards Alderson and Co. ( not the Wilpon's). 

It's an interesting situation because the good will the organization is experiencing from the fan base is the result of having good baseball people in charge but those same people are concerned with the fallout they would receive if they engaged in multiple trades.

In my opinion there is a huge difference between a fire sale and rebuilding; a fire sale is moving multiple players strictly for salary relief regardless of what they receive in return, whereas, rebuilding is moving multiple valuable pieces strictly for what you receive in return. 

If Krod, Beltran, Wright, Santana, Bay and others were dumped to avoid there contracts and the return was only marginal prospects with the Mets attempting to send as little money as possible, that would be a fire sale and I would be outraged.

But if this front office felt that a player could be used to obtain a valuable asset then this is the season to move them despite out playing expectations.  Lets also not forget that the trade which is credited for starting the Phils run was the Abreu/Lidle deal and not because of what they received in return, more for changing the team dynamics while giving others a chance to step up. 

Maybe moving another player would net the Mets a player who's stock is down but has a high ceiling or in a package could bring back a better player or two instead of one. 

I would be dangling Chris Capuano to the Yanks, they need starting pitching and left handed relief both of which Cappy could fill.  The Cards have PC Duncan and have done a lot more with a lot  less potential then Mike Pelfrey.  Jason Isringhausen would probably already be in Arizona by now regardless of Parnell's struggles.  If Chris Iannetta hitting .220 has value then Ronny Paulino should and not just as a catcher but as a power hitting PH.  Bay back to Pitt. makes a lot of sense and this should be one move the Mets would willing to eat a lot of the contract just to get the team make-up right, not that Bay is a bad guy but his lack of productivity has to weigh on him and everyone else. 

That's just an example of a few of the players I think have value and could be moved, now you might be thinking but all your going to get is marginal prospects.  Here's a couple thoughts on that; if the Mets are still having financial issues then every little bit helps, I trust this group to find that diamond in the rough, a player obtained now maybe a chip in a deal down the road and this roster needs to be flipped ( anyone other then Reyes/Wright can go IMO).