Friday, July 22, 2011

Players Worth Building Around?

As the Mets look to close in on a trade for Carlos Beltran this weekend, the trade deadline continues to loom. If Sandy Alderson and the rest of the team brass are convinced that a complete rebuild is on the horizon, Beltran won't be the last Met sent packing over the next nine days. With that in mine, who is it you'd bother to keep around if you were rebuildling?

The Untouchables:
Jose Reyes - This week the Mets announced that they have no interest in trading Jose Reyes, nor should they. It shouldn't have taken this long to get to that point, but thankfully they're there. If the Mets cannot manage to resign Jose this offseason, you can push back any rebuilding plan by a minimum of two additional years.

David Wright - Yes I said it! David Wright, despite his increasing number of strike outs and the fact that he is demonized by Citi Field, should be a fixture on this team. Winning championships is no doubt about talent, but it is also about having the right mix. What Wright may currently lack at the dish he certainly makes up for in the clubhouse.

Ike Davis - Yes, I realize that Davis cannot be traded because he's injured. However, even if Ike were available, he should be untouchable. Davis' success in the last year and change is reason enough to have the Mets steer clear of the likes of Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder this winter. Ike is the real deal and he's only starting to mature.

The Better Off Left Untouched:
Jon Niese - From a pure "stuff" stand point, Jon Niese is the best pitcher in the rotation until Santana returns. Furthermore, at only 24 years of age, in only his second full year at the Major League level, he is still getting better. Want proof? Niese has already matched his 2010 win total. Is Niese a true staff ace? Probably not, but I still believe he can be a front end starter.

Dillon Gee - This is a tricky one. Yes, he currently leads the team in wins. Yes, he seems to pitch well beyond his years. However, the Mets only need to look back as far as 2010 to find a pitcher who over achieved (RA Dickey) and was rewarded too handsomely as a result. The Mets have precious few starting arms with upside to choose from as they rebuild and its for that reason that I would choose promising youth and keep Gee around if I were Sandy Alderson.

Thats it! There isn't another player on the roster I would absolutely hold on to if Alderson and company are looking to rebuild going forward. If Sandy can find organizations interested in the Daniel Murphys, Justin Turners and Chris Capuanos of the world, get what you can. Sell high on guys like Jason Isringhausen and Angel Pagan.

If the Mets are really going to rebuild, do it right. They're probably a solid three to four years from contending in the NL East. Trade the players that won't be relavent at that point and bring in prospects who might just matter when the organization is ready to have another go at a championship. Commit to a path and go all in..Its the only way this organization and its fan base can really move forward.

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