Monday, July 25, 2011

Thoughts on the Beltran to Giants rumors...

Multiple rumors are speculating that people in the know believe Carlos Beltran will end up with the Giants with the Braves and Phils still in the hunt and others lurking in the periphery.  Of course, others have countered that nothing is imminent and it's still an open race in the Beltran sweepstakes.

Brian Sabean has been frugal over the years with his prospects, while being active at the deadline he tends to go for the type B players so he's only giving up marginal prospects.  But with an older team that has several key players on the cusp of free agency or arbitration increases this might be his only way to repeat before this group gets dismantled. 

The Giants also have a solid farm system and if the Mets are looking for a bat, in addition to there two big offensive prospects ( Belt / Brown), they have three other outfielders (Peguero, Neal, Parker) in the top ten.  Maybe I'm undervaluing Carlos but I think Brown is a pipe dream, I think Parker is more this front offices type ( toolsy but not splashy). 

7) Jarrett Parker, OF, Grade B-: Hitting .270/.382/.430 with nine homers, 57 walks, 16 steals for San Jose in 337 at-bats, also 87 strikeouts. Intriguing across-the-board tools/skills, Double-A transition will be interesting. source Minor League Ball

Moving Beltran to the NL West would avoid the potential PR nightmare of having Carlos return to beat the Mets with the Phils or Braves.  Of course, if either team would pay a premium for his services it would make moving him within the division an acceptable situation. 

It does appear that the Mets are serious about their chances of working with the Giants...