Friday, July 15, 2011

Trying to figure out Alderson clue to PTBNL

So did Alderson give a clue into who he is looking at in return for Krod -

They have several weeks to decide who they will take for Francisco Rodriguez – some on the list are closer to the big leagues than others. One of the player’s has been in the big leagues already, and they might take him before they decide on the second player. source Metsblog

I decided to take a look at what Brewers prospects is or has been in the major leagues, using Sickels list from Jan. there is only one player with major league experience; Mark Rogers.

However, Rogers is the Brewers #1 prospect and Brewers GM Doug Melvin was recently on the radio after the trade saying that it would not be one of their top prospects...

"We’ll find out about the players. I believe any player that puts a Minor League uniform on has a chance to play in the big leagues. The level they play at is determined by the players. As far as our top top guys, it’s not going to happen but they’re players that could play in the big leagues.” source Brew Beat

Rogers was only the Brewers #19 prospect in August 2010 prior to the big trades and his solid major league debut.  In 2010 he appeared in 4 major league games, two as a starter and posted a 1.80.  He's only made 6 starts in AAA over two seasons to a 10.71 ERA.  He's currently on rehab assignment and it doesn't sound like it's going well.

In reading through Brewers fans posts, comments and tweets about the trade some viewed Rogers as the only player they would have a problem being in the trade while others could careless if he was one of the PTBNL. 

So if Rogers isn't the pick and Alderson is considering a player with major league experience then he's getting back a player who isn't even on the top 20 list of a team described as having a depleted farm. 

Here's a few younger players who have been on the Brewers team at some point during the season: Brandon Kintzler, Mike McClendon, Zach Braddock, Tim Dillard, Danny Herrera and marco Estrada.