Wednesday, July 13, 2011

With Krod's Departure, Mets To Shed $50 Million In Payroll

The Mets and Sandy Alderson had no choice but to move Francisco Rodriguez, who despite his off the field issues was a solid signing for the Mets and pitched well while in Queens.  With the team's level of financial uncertainly, they simply could not risk the chance that Krod's $17.5 million option would vest.

With this move, the amount of money to come off the books this offseason has increased dramatically.  Here is a quick look at those numbers:

Carlos Beltran: $18.5 Million
Oliver Perez: $12.0 Million
Francisco Rodriguez: $11.5 Million
Luis Castillo: $6.0 Million
Chris Young: $1.1 Million

In total, the Mets are now guaranteed to have a minimum of $49.1 million come off the books headed into this offseason. As if that wouldn't provide a necessary level of financial flexibility, that number could increase significantly should they not be able to resign Jose Reyes. Other potential departures could include:

Jose Reyes: $11.0 Million
Mike Pelfrey: $3.9 Million
Jason Isringhausen: $500+ Thousand

Should each come to fruition, the Mets would see nearly half their current payroll become available making for a rather interesting offseason. Oddly enough, its fun to note that the amount of money coming off the books for the Mets will likely rival the average payroll Sandy Alderson had to work with while in Oakland. How much is reinvested and where here Sandy decides to put it remains to be seen.

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