Thursday, August 25, 2011

74 Wins, Not So Foolish

This preseason, fellow blogger rob patterson, all lowercase, polled Mets bloggers about how they felt the Mets would do this season. Now, the preseason was a few months ago, and I don't expect my dozens of readers to remember my prediction, as well as rob's, so please, allow me to refresh you.

Mets Fever (rob patterson) - Considering I've already bet a case of beer saying they'll win 86 or more.. I'll say 87-75 & 2nd place

Mets Fever (Kieran Flemming) - 74 wins, 4th place. finishing ahead of the Nationals.

patterson, in the hackneyed mess he attempted to pass off as a blog post, went on to insult my intelligence and criticize my realistic approach. I quote, "More surprising is that Mets Fever's own, Kieran Flemming, provided the bleakest forecast of all, besting resident pessimist Greg Pomes for that unwanted title."

Yeah... Regular readers, I'd like the three of you to turn your attention to the side bar. Now scroll down to the middle of the page. Can we all see the date the beer bet was last updated by mr. patterson? August 2nd. Almost four weeks have passed since he updated the standing of the wager, and it does not take much imagination to figure out why that might be. The Mets, currently 61-68, have a .473 winning percentage, which over 162 games would total 76 wins. Considering how they've been scuffling lately, dropping two games below that number is certainly feasible.

Before the season, optimism and wild card talk was running rampant with Met fans. Every time I talked to one, when I mentioned that I thought the team was as bad or worse than last year's, I was being ridiculous. A blasphemer! It was as though I had told them I could see Russia from my house. (I can't.)

They all seemed to think that a team that lost its ace could somehow improve over last year's squad. A team with a rotation whose best pitcher, Chris Young, was as durable as a wet paper towel, would contend for the wild card. A team that clearly planned on dealing some of its best players to cut payroll was going to stay strong down the stretch and continue to win games. Jose Reyes was going to stay healthy, Pelfrey had turned the corner, Bobby Parnell wasn't a head case, and David Wright was going to be able to reach the outside of the plate this year.

Uh-huh. I would have loved to be wrong, but it really seemed to be pretty easy to pick. I don't think the organization is a lost cause, and I am not calling for anybody's head. The team is in the process of rebuilding, and so far, I like the way they are going about it. But this year was not going to be good.

I'm gonna go decide what kind of beer I want.