Monday, August 22, 2011

Collins wants bullpen help now...

Photo By Michael Baron
The safe play would be to wait until Sept. 1st roster expansions for reinforcements, but Terry Collins seems to be concerned with losing all the positive momentum he gained this season and doesn't want the Mets to tank it over the next 6-9 games. 

I don't think it's about winning or losing, more about finishing strong and maintaining the positive team psyche, especially for those returning next year. 

Collins spoke after yesterday's lose and said he would be speaking to Alderson about getting bullpen reinforcements immediately, instead of waiting. 

“I don’t think there’s any question about it. It’s going to be discussed,” Collins said after his relief corps allowed four runs in two innings Sunday and suffered its sixth loss this month, matching the highest total in the majors. source ESPN NY

As far as who could go the team seems very limited on the moves they can make; if they send D.J. Carrasco down it would be his second time and could opt out while the Mets are stuck paying him, Beato as a rule five has to make it through waivers and be offered back to Baltimore, Byrdak and Izzy would have to be released since they were claimed and pulled back, and Parnell seems unlikely since they want to see him close.

If Alderson appeases Collins then the Manny Acosta or Ryota Igarashi would be the most likely candidates to be sent down.  Igarashi is a free agent at the end of the year, has a 5.32 ERA and most certainly isn't in the Mets plans moving forward.  Acosta on the other hand has three more years of control, where he'll cost very little and has shown flashes at times of being a decent middle reliever.  Although he'll tie up a roster spot next year because he's out of options I could see them at least wanting him in spring training and sticking around as a project.

Collins indicated that he would like to see double A pitcher Josh Stinson called up over several of the guys already given a chance who are now in AAA, I'd like to see Lujan given an opportunity.