Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fan Frustration Mounts As Mets Flounder

It happens at least once every season. That point where the team seemingly spits in my face, in spite of my apparent obsessive dedication. Today is that morning each season when I wonder why I watch almost every game, read every article and spend the majority of every day discussing the team with others. Its that instance each season when I wonder if the season means more to me, than it does to the players.

You see, there is losing and there is doing what the Mets have done the last three days. There is losing and there is looking inept...losing and there is looking plain lost. The Mets haven't just lost the last three games, they've managed to lose in such heartbreaking fashion that all I can do is laugh. Fans have to laugh in order to keep from crying..or worse.

The 2011 Mets have so efficiently returned to a style of play reminiscent of the last few years, that it becomes difficult to remember all the good will they've fostered over the first 100+ games this season. When slugger after slugger went down injured, when young player after young player was injected into the lineup. When all they did was fight for every game and win despite overwhelming odds.

While each of the last three games have been close, I wouldn't necessarily say the team hs fought. In each game due to their pitching and/or the utter mediocrity of the competition, the Mets are now finding (or inventing) ways to lose. Base running blunders, throwing errors and other mind-numbingly poor baseball decisions are back for the boys in blue...and they're back in excessive number.

As the old adage goes, when it rains it pours and right now it is pouring on Mets fans. Finally given the opportunity to make up ground by the Braves, losers of three straight, the Mets suddenly can't seem to get anything right. Its almost as if this group is still not ready to seize the moment and play in prime time. In typical fashion, as if the team's play wasn't hard enough to digest, we fans now get to choke down a possible set back to Johan Santana.

This season is now on the brink. The Mets have once again faded to .500 where it seems they have spent most of their season. Given their recent play, it's hard to imagine them putting together the type of run necessary to make up for this most recent stretch of god-awful play. Furthermore, its hard to imagine sitting down tonight to endure another three hours of this stuff, but I'm sure I will. As will most of you I'd bet. Because once again...for better or worse, these are our Mets and one day they'll get it together, right?

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