Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If Taylor Green isnt on the list then why isn't he up...

Rem. when Carlos Beltran went on the market it was reported that the Mets were seeking the best available bat, either the bats offered just weren't that good or Zack Wheeler was just too good to pass up. Going for the #1 pitching prospect in an organization known for producing aces seems like a no brainer, but what it didn't do was re-stock the farm or bring in that big bat.  Brandon Nimmo could be one of those big bats if he signs and then it depends on how long it takes for him to get to the majors. 

The Mets who are beginning to get a reputation as having a pitching heavy farm could start to look for bats with the two PTNL picks obtained in the Krod deal from the Brewers.  The Mets paid approx. 5.9M to the Brewers ( he's owed 3.5M for the rest of the year and 3.5M for the restructured buyout), that percentage of what is owed should garner them some decent prospects to look at. 

It's been reported that the Mets have been given five names to choose two from and that none of them are impact players.  I've also heard that Melvin believes he'll get the names of who the Mets want by Sept. roster expansion.

I think unless they decide they need that player on the list with major league experience who maybe able to contribute now, this decision will wait until after August 15th. This group has definitely shown the ability to multi-task but they're also methodical and once the trade deadline passed, I believe they'll focus on the tough to sign draft picks and without urgency wait to make their PTNL selections until late August.

But there are some clues as to who could be at least on the list, because the Brewers and Mets are in the same league the player can't be promoted to the majors. So anyone promoted isn't on the list and anyone obviously over looked for promotion is potentially one of the players on the list. What makes it a bit more difficult is that the Brewers used a lot of home grown pitchers in the pen last year and this year are building around experienced relievers. For example; Mike McClendon who had a 2.63 ERA in the majors last year and a 2.52 ERA in AAA, so is he not in the Brewers pen because he's on the list or because there's no room.

It appears that in reading Brewers blogs, tweets and message boards the most discussed player in regards to who could be on the list is Taylor Green. The 24 y/o left handed third basemen is not only racking in AAA ( BA .329/ OBP .411 / SLG .561 / OPS .972) he has recently moved from his natural 3B position to 2B. Compound that with the fact that the Brewers infield has struggled and to many it doesn't make sense that Green isn't up.

There are a few explanations for Green not being called up other then being on the Mets list; such as room on the 40 man roster, not wanting to start his clock, only seeing him as a bench player, not wanting to put pressure on a struggling Casey McGehee or wanting to go with veterans Felipe Lopez, Craig Counsell and Jerry Hairston.  For many Brewers fans none of those explanations make sense, they're concerned that he's not on the roster because he's on the list and the Mets want to evaluate how he preforms at 2B. 

"We've looked at Taylor Green," said Melvin. "And I still consider Gamel a good hitter even though he struggled (.115) when he was up here.

"Our goal is to help Casey get going. He has looked better lately. Then, in September, we can add to the roster." source JS online

Taylor Green, 3B, Brewers (Triple-A Nashville): 4-for-4, 2B, 2 HR (17), 5 R, 6 RBI, 2 BB.

He's not especially athletic as much as he's a gamer who gets the most out of limited tools, but can't the same be said of the current third baseman in Milwaukee who is doing nothing? Now batting .395 in 52 games since the calendars flipped to June and .333/.414/.579 overall, there is simply no more excuse in Milwaukee to not address the left side of the infield from within. source Kevin Goldstein