Monday, August 8, 2011

Looks Like Fred Wilpon Was Right All Along

Courtesy of Michael Baron
Back in May when the comments of Mets' owner Fred Wilpon were released everyone went nuts, myself included. How could an owner devalue his best player and speak that way about his own team in general? What he angry? What he drunk? No... he was right!

Yesterday's game did a lot of things. It essentially finished off the 2011 season for the Mets, who now reside 9.0 games back of the Braves in the Wild Card hunt. Furthermore, it probably decreased the value of the team's previously mentioned best player, Jose Reyes.

Wilpon's claim that Reyes wouldn't get "Carl Crawford" money, which equates to a seven year, $142 million contract seemed ludicrous at the time. Reyes was on the type of tear that seemed almost impossible. And he kept it up to... right until the time his left hamstring gave way... the first time. Yesterday's most recent injury of that same left hamstring will likely send Reyes to the disabled list for the second time this season, something that certainly won't help his value.

Don't get me wrong, Jose Reyes is still going to get paid. He'll most likely still get his nine figure contract, but I think the idea of "Carl Crawford" money just skipped town. It's difficult to think that a team would make that type of commitment to a player, whose game is so heavily based on his legs, who continues to have leg issues. Should Reyes land on the disabled list again, he will miss at least roughly 15% to 20% of this season.  While he's a joy to watch when healthy, how much can any one organization really commit to a player who regularly makes trips to the disabled list, regardless of their length?

The situation sucks. The Mets are exponentially more fun to watch with Reyes on the field, but he won't be there... at least not for a while. Fred Wilpon may be a lot of things, but nearly anyone will have to admit now, in hindsight, that he was probably right about Reyes. Oh and another thing... With the injury to Murphy rounding out yet another season that has reduced the Mets to David Wright versus The World... He was right about one other thing. We're snakebit baby!!

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