Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mets will get a look at Marquez...

The Mets will pay for 16th round pick Bradley Marquez's college this year and in return he will play baseball for the Mets in the month of June/July (2012). 

Marquez is a stud Texas prospect in both Football ( RB) and baseball ( SS), it appears the Mets will get  a two month try out to evaluate his baseball skills while trying to convince him that the longevity of their sports is better for him in the long run. 

He did have an elbow injury his junior year of High School. You have to give the Mets credit for this creative way of signing a guy who was returning to school and probably destine for the early rounds of the NFL draft. 

There is the chance that Marquez could attempt to be a dual sport player, he will be playing football for Texas Tech. but he also sounds excited about the prospect of playing baseball in the Mets org....

“It’s exciting,” he said. “I’ve been playing baseball my whole life. To finally get drafted and have a chance to become a pro athlete finally is exciting. You can never take that away. I did get drafted and not a whole lot of people can say that.” OA online source