Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Questionable Decisions In 5th Straight Loss

If the Mets can blow a 7 game lead with 17 games to play, then going into this weekend, I still believed the Mets could make up 8 games with more than 50 to play. However, the assault on the rest of the Wild Card competitors had to start last night and it had to start with the Wild Card leading Atlanta Braves. Unfortunately, it was more of the same as the Mets' anemic offense and questionable decision making skills that has resulted in this recent losing streak once again came to the forefront.

With the Mets trailing 2-1, R.A. Dickey turned the ball over to the Mets' bullpen entering the 7th inning. Tim Brydak immediately surrendered a single to Jose Constanza and when Michael Bourn pushed Constanza to second on a sacrifice, Terry Collins brought in Ryota Igarashi. After another single put runners on the corners, David Wright cut down Constanza at the plate via a run down, which ultimately left runners at second and third.

Its at this point where the decision making gets a little...fuzzy. With the remainder of the Mets bullpen available in what amounts to be an almost must-win, Terry Collins not only chose to leave Igarashi in, but allowed him to pitch to Dan Uggla with an open base. Well the rest is history, as Uggla slapped a singled to left field to drive in two and pretty much put the game away for the Braves.

Now I'm not saying that this decision cost the Mets the game, because they were already losing. However, playing catch-up in a one run game is certainly different than playing catch-up in a three run game. Plain in simple...these next two games are the Mets season. Should they exit this series double digits out of the Wild Card, there will be little but pride left to play for.

Collins, and his team, must grasp the fact that this is the time where everything should be on the line. Don't hesitate to use the extra pitcher, or the pinch runner, or whatever other trick might be at a managers disposal. Everyone, management and players included, need to get their heads back in the game mentality or their fade into obscurity is only a matter of time.

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