Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The two that got away Mathews and Robbins...

As the signing deadline passed last night, most of the Mets top selections were signed.  There were even a few surprises, guys believed to be heading to college or to another sport like Bradley Marquez or Phillip Evans.

Most experts said the Mets had a very nice/solid draft; it appears that the old philosophy of staying in slot, making picks based on signability wasn't a factor in this year's selections.  The Mets took some risks based on players potential and then went out there and signed them ( for the most part).

I thought last year's draft was solid, producing Matt Harvey and signing every selection all the way to the 20th round where Dabias Johnson turned them down.  Many of those players are making a name for themselves in our farm, like Cory Vaughn, Matt Den Dekker and Greg Peavey.

But in years passed the draft was a subject of consternation amongst a fan base that loves their home grown talent.  In 2009 there was the questionable first pick (2nd round) of Steve Matz, then 5th rounder Magnifico and 6th rounder Buchanan didn't sign.  2008 was another solid draft except for first rounder Reese Havens looking like a injury flop.  In 2007 the top three picks have all been busts in Eddie Kunz, Nathan Vineyard and Scott Moviel.  In 2006 five of the top 20 picks didn't sign but more importantly Daniel Murphy (13th round) and Tobi Stoner ( 16th round) are the only players to make it to the majors and not a single draftee is considered a prospect from that draft.

Of course if you go back to 2005 that draft produced Mike Pelfrey, Jon Niese, Josh Thole, Bobby Parnell, and Pedro Beato ( via rule 5).

So in my opinion this draft seems to be a success but it didn't go without disappointment, two solid picks choose school instead of signing with the Mets.

Kent Mathews is an 18y/o Left handed pitcher who was selected in the 12th round and had a committment to Cal-Fullerton.  Mathews opted to go college where many Cal-Fullerton pitchers go higher then the 12th round especially as a lefty.  For what I've read Mathews sounds more like a finesse lefty then a high potential type of guy.  However, he did well this year using four pitches with a mid-90s fastball.

He has allowed only 12 runs (seven earned runs), 38 hits and three doubles, with no home runs allowed, in 50 innings pitched. He has struck out 61 batters and walked six.

And he's done it with wicked speed. His fastball has reached 93 miles per hour. He also features a slider, curve, and change-up. source Diamond bar Patch

A prep arm, lefty that was recruited by a collegiate powerhouse is a mild disappointment but it sounds like mason Robbins is the real miss for the Mets of this draft.

Jim Callis: I like the way the Mets came out and went after upside. They loved Brandon Nimmo and grabbed him at 13, or else someone would have taken him at the bottom of the first round. Michael Fulmer got overshadowed by Dylan Bundy and Archie Bradley in Oklahoma this spring, but he has a quality arm. If they sign Phillip Evans (15th round) and Mason Robbins (20th), that would be a nice coup. source Baseball America

Meanwhile, former George County star Mason Robbins also declined a last-minute flirtation with the New York Mets and elected to stick with his commitment to Southern Miss, his father, Mike, confirmed to The Mississippi Press via text message. Robbins, a power-hitting center fielder, was a 20th-round pick by the Mets in June.

Mason Robbins will play at Southern Miss for the next three seasons, rather than sign with the New York Mets. (Joshua Dahl/Correspondent)

"Mason going to USM," Mike Robbins wrote. "They got close, but didn't happen. He really wants to go to college first." source gulflive