Monday, August 15, 2011

Verrett also not signed...

As the minutes tick away towards tomorrow night's midnight deadline for signing players selected in the 2011 amateur, the main focus is on whether the Mets will be able to sign their top pick Brandon Nimmo. 

But their third round pick RHP Scott Logan Verrett is also not signed, according to Verrett's twitter account he was in NY for a physical. 

And then for added hints he took a picture of Citi Field from the plane.

Still he's back in Texas and there's no word on how close they are to signing him, for those interested here's a scouting video of him pitching courtesy

  1. Simple delivery with high leg kick
  2. High 3/4 arm-slot
  3. Fastball had more life (arm-side run) when kept low in the zone, but tended to straighten out when elevated
  4. Change-up had good action: arm-side run and downward movement
  5. Disguised slider very well with late vertical break
  6. Also showed 12-6 curve ball; less advanced than other two secondaries
  7. Pitched off of his fastball
  8. Generally around the strike zone, but didn't have much command in this outing

                                                                                                           source Bullpen Bantor