Monday, August 22, 2011

Was Beato worth the spot..

Photo by Michael Baron
As a rule five selection Pedro Beato had to maintain a roster spot for the entire season for the Mets to keep him, with just nine days before rosters can expand Terry Collins is clamoring for bullpen help, all while the team attempts to stay away from a tired Beato.

If the Mets were to attempt to send Beato down, despite being a first year major leaguer they would have to place him on waivers and if no other team claimed him, they would then have to offer him back to Baltimore. Only if no one claimed him and the Orioles couldn't find room on their 40 man roster would the Mets be allowed to send him to Buffalo.

Of course, the Mets could place him on the DL with arm fatigue but they would then risk him ending the year on the DL if he couldn't get going in Sept., instead of the confidence boost of finishing the year with the team.

More than likely Beato will get buried in the pen, where he'll be allowed to limp to the finishing line of the season, the question stands to be asked; was Beato worth the roster spot. There is no question he's a talented pitcher as fans have debated whether he should be a starter since he has four quality pitches or a closer because of his dominance at times.

Still he's 24 y/o hadn't pitched above AA and the Orioles left him off the 40 man roster because they were just in the process of turning him into a reliever after he failed in the lower levels as a starter.

So they are going to limit his use because his arm is tired and that's with a 4.09 ERA, in 55 innings he has 33 SO and 23 walks. Those numbers present a mediocre middle reliever not a guy talked about as a starter or closer or someone who demands a roster spot.

But a closer look at the numbers seems to indicate that the numbers are a bit deceiving and the Mets may have found something in Beato. When 100% Pedro has been dominant it's when he's been banged up that his numbers get skewed.

In his first ten appearances he didn't allow a run and held the opposition’s hitters to .156 BAA. It was in May where he battled right elbow tendinitis where his ERA ballooned to 6.23 and batters hit .294. But after a stint on the DL he improved his BAA to .205 and in July he was dominant again reducing his ERA to 1.80 in 10 innings and holding batters to a .184 BAA. Now as fatigue has set in his ERA is back to a high 7.45 and hitters are batting .306 against him.