Friday, August 19, 2011

What about moving Bay to RF and Duda to LF

Photo by Michael Baron
Looking at who will return next year and attempting to position players to give the team the best chance to succeed, here might be the best way to align the outfield.

I'm taking for granted that Ike Davis will be back and that he'll be the starting 1B, I know that's probably a huge leap of faith based on this team's track record with injuries but it would be shocking if he's not back. Davis came out of college as a potential corner outfielder or 1B but I think the Mets will keep him at 1B unless they believe the corner outfield will be less demanding on his repaired ankle.

If Davis moves to RF this post is a moot point as Duda will be at first with Bay in LF.

I'm also taking into consideration the speculation that the LF wall will more then likely be lower making the position easier to play, balls will be either out or catchable, the great wall of Queens won't be there for balls to take unusual bounces. Those same rumors have indicated that the Mo Zone will remain which means that RF will continue to be a difficult spot to play. 

I don't think Bay is a fragile player, whatever the reason for his struggles; injuries, post concussion, self imposed pressure or Citi Field I don't think it had to do with not being able to handle NY.  It made sense to leave Bay alone in LF while he got his offense together but now that he's hitting again, I think it might be time to consider a move to RF. 

Of the everyday outfielders Bay is the best defensive corner outfielder, so it would make sense to use him in the harder corner.  Moving forward I think they want Duda, because of his power potential to be the other corner outfielder.  Duda will obviously cover less ground, has had struggles with confidence and says he's  most comfortable in LF. 

Here's what I would do, take the next 40 games to see how Bay adjusts to RF and Duda handles LF so that going into the off-season you know whether you need to pick-up a RF or not.  1B can be piece worked between Baxter, Harris, Hairston and Evans.