Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alderson payroll 100-110M for 2012

Photo by Michael Baron
Sandy Alderson told reporters in his end of season conference that he envisions the payroll for next year to be somewhere between 100-110M. 

At least it isn't 80M like was rumored yesterday but it had been said many times it would be around 120M, so maybe attendance cost us 10M. 

I completed this post last week, on where the budget stood; basically, there is 68M already committed to veteran contracts, approx. another 14M to 1-6 year players and then six arby players to decide on who if all were picked up could cost approx. 14M ( org. post left out Acosta).  Which totals somewhere around 96M, leaving them 14M for free agency.

Now that doesn't take into account possible trades or players signed at min. cost with incentives who will replace players who I considered in that 14M 1-6yr. players.  It also tells me they have to make some very tough decisions on guys who are arbitration eligible, they could save significant money non-tendering Mike Pelfrey and Angel Pagel but do they feel the replacement players comparable.

Alderson said that they can afford Jose Reyes bu once again they won't have payroll flexibility, needless to say it's going to be very interesting to see how this plays out...