Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Success Is Not Dependent On A Big Payroll

A good piece of information from MetsBlog's Matt Cerrone. It would appear, at least this year, that spending an obnoxious amount of money is NOT a prerequisite for success (paging Dr. Pomes). That's good to hear with the news yesterday that Sandy Alderson expects the Mets' 2012 payroll to fall in the $100-$110 million range. It makes sense that a portion of the fan base would be nervous. If the Mets can't manage to make the playoffs with one of the higher payrolls in baseball, what can we expect going forward?

The truth is there is plenty of talent, good talent, to be had in the lower salary ranks. Its also important to remember that baseball, more so than any other sport is a team sport. Having the right mix of players is just as important as having the best players.

The Mets may not make the playoffs again next season, but it won't be because of the payroll. This team is in the process of getting younger. Gone are the overzealous contracts to aging veterans. As prospects transition into major league players, the Mets hope to have a plethora of talent that is not only young, but cheap as well.

Its important to build around stars and understandably, those stars are going to cost money. Therefore, its reasonable to see where the David Wrights and hopefully, the Jose Reyeses of the world fit in going forward, however the pieces that are put in around them don't have to be as expensive. Don't get caught up in the numbers.

As Matt points out, there is no magic payroll number that will ensure a ride to the world series. Give Sandy some time to get those pieces in place and the Mets will make a run at the hardware without needing the biggest wallet in baseball. Money isn't everything..and as Mets fans should have learned over the past decade, it certainly can't buy championships.

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