Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Buchholz to the 60day DL

Photo by Michael Baron
I'm rooting for Taylor Buchholz, it takes a lot of courage to admit that your struggling with depression, especially as a major league ball player.  What will most fans say, what does he have to be depressed about he gets paid to play baseball, of course; most of those people don't understand that depression is a legitimate illness.

For those interested in reading about what Buchholz has been going through, this is an excellent article at AbingtonPatch.

On Sept. 1st. the Mets moved Taylor from the 15 day Dl to the 60 day DL, making room for call-ups but also ending the reliever's season.  He appeared in 23 games posting an ERA of 3.12 before shoulder fatigue landed him on the DL and then depression set in. 

He has one more year of arbitration before free agency and he seemed very happy with the Mets handling of his situation...

“I had to apologize to him,” Taylor said. “Alderson gave me a shot when a lot of teams passed up on me. He gave me the chance, and I kind of felt like I let him down. I remember meeting up in his office and having a five-, 10-minute conversation about it. I was upset and I apologized to him about it. I felt I like let him down, and the team down. He just wanted me to get better. I have so much respect for him.” source AbingtonPatch