Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Citi Field changes would impact direction with Wright...

Photo by Michael Baron
After Sandy Alderson stated that there was the potential for dimension changes to the outfield walls at Citi Field during an in-game interview, it seems like it's all anyone can talk about.

I've supported the idea of lower the left field wall since the inaugural season, I'm in the minority since I like the quirky Mo Zone but agree that right center should be rounded off. 

It seemed like they were moving towards making changes but what surprised me was that Alderson said that if there were changes they wont be subtle. 

Adam Rubin has more specifics in this article on what the Mets are looking to do to the walls.

In a Star Ledger article Andy McCullough believes that the changes will not only impact David Wright offensively but could be an indication that he's sticking around...

With the park likely to be altered, a trade involving Wright appears even more remote. Wright’s contract contains an option for 2013, but that option disappears if he is traded. So the Mets would require a package that is more valuable than two seasons of Wright plus potential compensatory draft picks. source